Apartment Prices for our Accommodation and Exhibition-Calendar 2020: Exhibition Dates of surrounding Trade Shows in Dusseldorf, Essen and Cologne

Recent Offers: cheap accommodation to EuroCIS (Düsseldorf) from 51€ (see price overview below)

Pricedetails and important Notes (click here)
  • Minimum stay is 3 nights, 4 and more are cheaper
  • Up to 3 Persons are inclu­ded (4th and 5th per­son with addi­tio­nal char­ge — starts at € 17/​Per.)
  • Prices per per­son are cal­cu­la­ti­on examp­les and are cal­cu­la­ted as fol­lows:
    Cost apart­ment per night divi­ded by 3 peop­le.
  • All pri­ces in EUR, plus clea­ning fee € 89 and depo­sit. (€ 100 /​ 10 days or more = 200 and for Bookers out­side of Germany - will be refun­ded after depar­tu­re)
  • A reser­va­ti­on is valid only if we have express­ly con­fir­med it.
  • VAT can not be reported

Base pri­ce ent­i­re apart­ment (up to 3 peop­le inclu­ded): 54 (min. 4 nights), this cor­re­sponds to 18 € /​ per­son per night (plus clea­ning fee and depo­sit). Prices during major tra­de fairs in the regi­on see the fol­lowing table:

[Prices per Night at Exhibitions Dusseldorf — Essen — Cologne

ToTillNights4–8 Nightsper Person and Night makes that (Example)no vacan­cy
   per Nightper NightNights + 3 Per. 
WiFi inclu­dedWhole Apartment (up to 3 Per. incl.)Whole Apartment (up to 3 Per. incl.)= Per Person 
Basic Prices Apartment (out­side below dates)*

EuroShop (Dusseldorf)

69 €

BEAUTY (Dusseldorf)

65 €

Prowein (Dusseldorf)

75 €

wire /​ Tube (Dusseldorf)

89 €

Interpack (Dusseldorf)

159 €

drupa (Dusseldorf)

159 €

Our low Basic Prices for rent of Apartment are also valid for the following exhibitions in Dusseldorf:

PSI, Traumhochzeit, boot Düsseldorf, GDS (Winter), Tag it! GDS Winter, EuroCIS, ElectronicPartner Frühjahr, BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF, make — up artist design show, TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL, Energy Storage, Bio West, Berufe live Düsseldorf, INTERBRIDE, GDS (Sommer), Tag it! GDS Sommer, CARAVAN SALON, TourNatur, Chefs Culinar, Infotage Dentalfachhandel, ALUMINIUM, COMPOSITES EUROPE, Pump Summit, Valve World Expo and TRANSGOURME.

And all fairs in Essen and Cologne for examp­le: games­com, Photokina, Anuga, ISM, Spoga, SHK, IMM, IPM, Mode Heim Handwerk, E‑World, Reise & Camping, FAHRRAD Essen, Equitana, ART Cologne …

Beyond the Exhibition periods in Dusseldorf we have special budget prices for our Accommodation/​Apartment for Craftsmen and Installation Companies:

If you are a Installation, Crafts or Mountig Company and are loo­kimg for a bud­get Accommodation for your Employees and Fitters plea­se do not hesi­ta­te to ask for Our Special Offers and Discount Prices (starts at 10 nights — they are not lis­ted on our website).